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Seeing and getting accurate color is one of the biggest frustrations digital imaging users face. Color management, or in most cases, the lack of, can be quite tricky. One would think that in the age of computers and expensive software that colors would be perfect. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Monitors shift and fade, printers use a variety of inks and papers, and people see color differently.


Why is it important to calibrate your monitor?

Well, when you edit your images, say darken them, how do you know they were too bright to begin with?  We all just assume our monitors are showing us the real state of our photos.  But, if you monitor is not showing you the real state, then you are making false edits.  In this case, darkening an image that wasn't too bright.  You see the changes as good, but when the image is seen on a different monitor it will look too dark (because you darken a perfectly good image).


What calibrating your monitor WON'T do for you.

Unfortunately, calibrating your monitor does not make your printer work better. Nor does it make your prints you get back from the photo lab match perfectly. Calibrating your monitor will only accurately show you what your images really look like in their digital form. Again, this does not guaranty perfect prints. In order to get better looking prints, you must profile your printer or use supplied printer profiles with a Photoshop program. I do not offer printer calibration/profiling any more, but I can assist you in finding out whether or not your printer supports and supplies printer profiles.


No matter how much calibration and profiling you do, you will never be able to truly match an image on a monitor to an image on paper. They are such different mediums and emit and reflect light very differently.


Don't worry, I can help. If you think your monitor is not showing you the correct colors, I can come to the rescue. I have the special equipment to perform this monitor calibration service for you. Give me a call to see if I can help you see things the way they should be.  This service is just $50. It's free with any 2 hour or more private appointment.



Monitor Calibration

Which One Do I use?

I have been using the industry-standard, X-Rite (Greytag-MacBeth) i1 Display Pro products for the last 20 years.

Got Your Own Calibration Device?

Need a little help understanding how to choose from all the calibration settings and numbers?  I can guide you through the process so you can calibrate your own monitor to the industry standards.  Once you learn it, it a breeze!

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