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What the neck is the CLOUD?  And where is it?  The cloud is not actually a real cloud up in the sky.  Sorry.  The term cloud is a euphemism for the concept of renting hard drive space on someone else's computer.  These hard drives are stored in huge buildings (the size of Costco) called data centers.  Each building contains tens of thousands of hard drives.  These data centers are located all over the world.


Who Offers Which Cloud Service?

  • iCloud is Apple's cloud service.
  • OneDrive is Microsoft's cloud service.
  • Creative Cloud is Adobe's cloud service.
  • Dropbox is Dropbox's cloud service.
  • Google Drive is Google's cloud service.
  • Amazon Drive  is Amazon's cloud service.



Why Use the Cloud?

  • Backup your photos and documents
  • Share your photos and documents with friends, family, colleges and clubs
  • Access your own photos and documents from your laptop, phone, tablet or someone else's computer
  • Fewer needs for CD's, DVD's, thumbdrives, emailing files, etc....for sharing items
  • Photos and documents are available 24hours a day, everyday, always...


Is Cloud Storage and Sharing Safe and Secure?

  • Yes, cloud storage is secure and private (password protected & Encrypted)
  • Your photos and documents are stored on two to three redundant data centers around the world
  • Cloud storage is safer than your own computer/home.


Once again, I'm here to help.  I will help you choose the right cloud service,

set it up and teach you how (and why) to use it.

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