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"David Vanderlip is one of my all time favorite teachers. He knows photography from A to Z and is able to pass on that information in a clear concise friendly and pleasant manner. Over the past few years I've partaken in his classes, his books, his workshops, his users groups, his personal tutoring, and most recently his video 'Photoshop Elements, Introduction to Layers'. You can't help but learn and enjoy as he teaches. David gets my five star rating."


Jerry Nitzberg

retired physician

Ashland OR



"If you want to learn about Layers for Photoshop Elements, this DVD is a great value! David has put together a fine disc with over 5 hours of training at a great low price. I downloaded his material to my desktop, kept Elements open and could follow right along with him. BUY THIS DVD! it's fantastic....."


Deano Serkes

Owner, Art Affects by Deano

Central Point, OR



"Sometimes, people come into your life who make a difference in who you are and what you do. David is one of those people. Because of his teaching skills, support, and advice I am learning more and enjoying more than I thought possible. I will continue seek David's counsel as my artistic abilities with the camera and computer grow. Thanks David!"


Dee Moore

Fine art photography

Jacksonville, OR



"A friend of mine recommended this Layers training tutorial for Elements.  At first I was nervous about buying something like this on the internet, but I have to say that it's been worth. He (David) has a great way to teaching.  He makes it so simple and easy to learn not like those guys that talk a hundred miles an hour and expect you to follow along. I'm looking forward to the advanced one to come out."


Steve Dennison

New Professional Photographer

Dallas, Texas



"Thanks for your great teaching, knowledge & skills!"


Jerry Nitzberg


Ashland, Oregon



"David Vanderlip is an excellent, enthusiastic teacher of photography. Taking his classes has given me many new skills and hours of enjoyment. I have honed my photographic capabilities and learned to utilize Photoshop Elements to produce my photos. I can now recover old photos and produce historical scrapbooks for my family using the techniques he has taught. I have also made photo albums recording our travels throughout the country using Photoshop Elements. David's books are easily understood and used as a resource to his classes. There is always a new exciting challenge introduced in his teaching to keep you progressing in your photographic abilities. I highly recommend him as an instructor and his books."


Barbara A. Jarvis


Ashland, OR



"Thanks for for opening the door to new ideas.  I learned several new techniques that have added to my ability to take good photos of white objects.  I'm enjoying shooting in manual more than before I took the class."



Ashland, Oregon



"We in Southern Oregon are very fortunate to find an instructor who has such a complete knowledge of Digital photography and Photoshop programs. Further, the wit and clarity you have provided is very helpful and enjoyable. I have attended Digital camera, Digital photography, Photoshop Elements, Layers and Scrapbooking. I am taking more Classes with you this year. Your advice regarding camera's and software to purchase has been very helpful. The photo shoot I attended in Jacksonville last year was a great experience and a pleasure and I am looking forward to more of those. If all that is not enough, the Photoshop Elements club meetings each month and your news letter are very enjoyable and helpful. Thank you for your efforts."


Jim Elliott

Investor, developer, rancher.

Ashland, Oregon



"On behalf of the Grants Pass Nordic Ski Club, I would like to thank you for speaking to out group.  Your expertise in photography is certainly impressive.  Thanks for your assistance and instruction regarding winter photography.  the exposure compensation feature is wonderful.  We appreciate the time taken from your busy schedule..."


Anne Clay

Secretary, GPNSC

Grants Pass, Oregon



"I just took your How to Use Your Digital Camera class and learned so much.  The part about aperture and shutter speed opened my eyes to what photography is all about.  I love the class book too.  I'm always referring it to when I can't remember what something is on the camera. Thank you David for making this easy for me."


Marilyn R.


Medford, Oregon



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