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Overwhelmed with photos?   Know you have a certain photo, but you can't seem to find it?   Are there images in seventeen places on your computer?  Are there hard drives, CD, thumb drives and memory cards full (or maybe full) of photos laying around?  Duplicates, Duplicates, Duplicates?   No need to worry any longer.  I specialize in organization your images.


We start with consolidation, then move on to organization, then to duplicate removal, then to labeling and finally to backing it all up.


There's several ways we can do this.


  • I can teach you.
  • I can help you.
  • I can do it for you.

Photo Organization & Scanning Services

It's time to take control of your photos.  It's amazing how wonderful you will feel after we're done.  No need to put it off anymore.


"I can't tell you how much it changed my photography.  I was so overwhelmed and confused that I stopped taking pictures.  Now that you organized everything, I can find any image any time.  Thank you so much for restoring my interest in photography."  - Steve Dennison


"It's amazing that you found those photos I thought I lost years ago.  I guess they were there the whole time.  I had no idea." - Sandra P.


"I'm so glad you encourage me to organize my images by date/event name instead of my disastrously confusing categories I had been doing for so many years.  It makes so much sense now." - Nathan R.


"I love keywords!  Thanks SO much!" - Tracy C.


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