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  Often a class or private lesson just isn't enough. That's where my books come in handy. I write my books in the same style as I teach. You'll find them a bit more casual than other books, more readable. I focus my attention on teaching you what you need to know. I don't write books to show off my skills as a photographer, but rather I get right to the point on each topic. I've been told by many of my students and clients that these books are the easiest, simplest and most effective books on the market. In fact, I wrote them with that intention.

The Books I've Written

Start Here First: Understanding Depth of Field in Digital Photography

Depth of Field is one of the most important foundations in photography. In the tradition of all my books, you will learn everything you need to know about depth of field. From the basics of what depth of field is to how you control it to the all-mysterious hyperfocal distance, you will be lead through an easy to read, easy to understand explanation of this wonderful part of photography. Whether you're a beginner just getting started or a pro needing a review, this is the definitive book on depth of field that everyone must read!

80 pages, Lay-flat spiral bound.


Start Here First: Lightroom Classic CC - The Library & Develop

Packed with nearly everything about the Library and Develop modules, this book follows the simple and straight-forward approach of my other popular books.  In just under 280 pages, I've presented Lightroom in a way that allows any user to learn quickly and easily.  This book can be used as a guided learning tool or a once-in-while reference text.  The book is divided into two parts, one for the Library and one for the Develop.  The Library part contains section reviews and 8 quizzes.  As with all my books, this is also the course text book for any Lightroom classes and workshops you may have taken or will take. Keyboard shortcut lists are included. Last version update was for Lightroom Classic 8.0.




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