pricing & fees

On-site Training and Consulting Rates (Southern Oregon)
Zone #1 $50/hr.
for Medford, Ashland, Phoenix, Talent, Jacksonville, Central Point, Hilt CA.
1.5 hour minimum

Zone #2 $65/hr
for Grants Pass, Murphy, Rogue River, Wimer, Gold Hill, Sam's Valley, Eagle Point, Prospect, Brownsboro, Ruch, Applegate, Lincoln, Pinehurst, Yreka CA, Montague CA
2 hour minimum

Zone #3 $75/hr
for Merlin, Provolt, Williams, Selma, Cave Junction. For all others, please contact me.

2 hour minimum

(for one person, couple or family only). Each additional non-family person is $20/hr.
There may be additional fees for travel.
Discount Specials (Pre-Pay)
Most training and learning can take quite some time. Therefore, I offer a discount for longer term, multiple sessions. These packages also ensure the continued momentum of your training sessions. If you're serious about learning, this is the best way to go.

(The following pricing is only available in Oregon's Rogue Valley area Zone #1. For Zone #2 add $10/hr, for Zone #3 add $15/hr. See below.)
  6 hours @ $40/hr Getting the basics
12 hours @ $35/hr
A great intro to digital photography, Lightroom, Photoshop...
25 hours @ $32/hr The most popular package for avid photographers

(for one person, couple or family only. Payment is required at or before the first appointment. There is a 1 hour minimum per appointment. Time is transferable and giftable. No refund is given for unused time. Unused time expires after 2 years.  See more details below.)

Purchase A Discount Package Now!
(You may also pay by check by mail, or check or cash at the first appointment.)

Private Group Classes & Lessons
This is great for small businesses, corporations or clubs.
4-6 people $125/hr
7-9 people $175/hr

10 or more, please contact me.

Monitor Calibration Services
$50. or itís included with any regular appointment.

Terms of the Prepay Packages
The prepay rate packages are for one person, couple or family only.
If additional people are included in an appointment, the time deducted will be 1.5x.  Payment is required at or before the first appointment.
Prepaid time can be used for private lessons, book purchases, imaging services, workshops and classes at the rate listed above.  Time cannot be used for classes or workshops facilitated, organized or sponsored by anyone other than David Vanderlip.  There is a 1 hour minimum per appointment.  After the first hour, time is rounded to the nearest quarter hour. 
No-show/missed appointments will be charged a minimum of one hour. Exceptions may be requested for emergency circumstances.  You may renew the plan at your current rate. You may also opt to choose a new rate plan for any additional time.  All additional hours added will be covered under this agreement.  Time (some or all) is transferable and giftable to another person. Unused time expires after 2 years unless you transfer it to a new person.  David keeps track of all the hours used. You may, of course, track the hours as well. You may request a current total of your remaining and used hours at any time.  No refund is given for unused time.