photo organization & image management

An Overwhelming Task
If youíve been shooting digital photos for a few months, you know just how many pictures you can really take. Now imagine how many photos youíll have in just 5 years, perhaps 10 years, 25 years! Getting them into the computer is the logical first step. But, what now? Over the next years you will accumulate thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of images. I won't even mention the number the duplicates that make it even more confusing.

How I Can Help You
Donít worry. I can help with this. I can show you the best and most efficient ways to sort, organize, retrieve and backup your valuable photos, whether itís a standard folder structure or an organizational software program like Lightroom, Bridge or Photos. I can teach you how to do this or I can take over and do it for you. Then I will teach you how to maintain this wonderful newly-organized inventory of photos. Once we're done, you will be able to find any photo you want in no time. It just may bring tears to your eyes.

Backing Up

One of the most common problems photographers face is establishing a consistent and effective image backup system.  Without this, you increase your chances of loosing your value images to hard drive failure, theft, fire or a simple accident or mistake.  I have many clients who have lost hundreds, if not thousands of images because there was no backup. Let me show you how to effectively secure your images and create peace of mind for you.  Whether I teach you how or I perform the services for you, it should be put into place right away.

Pricing & Fees