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More malware was introduced onto the internet last year than the previous 5 years combined.  With internet security & privacy becoming a great concern for many, I have been developing my knowledge and skills in this area to help you.  Over the past few months, I have learned that the vast number of my clients are not practicing safe internet use.  Whether you’re a Mac or Windows user, you need protection.  Macs are no longer exempt for malicious threats.  Smartphones and tablets have become easy targets for hackers lately as well.  All your devices need much stronger protection then they already have.  Here’s a rundown of what I will either teach you to do or do for you.


I will (if necessary) perform all of the following for all of your devices (desktop, laptop, smartphone & tablet).  I will also teach you how to use and maintain each of the following:


  • Install an Internet Security Suit (Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware)
  • Scan & Search for existing Malware and other threats
  • Check your WiFi Router/Modem security settings
  • Recommend & install a safer Web Browser
  • Increase Browser Privacy & Security settings
  • Recommend & install privacy Web Browser Extensions
  • Recommend & install a privacy based Search Engine
  • Recommend & install a Password Manager
  • Recommend & Install a VPN
  • Check for important OS Updates
  • Check existing or Setup a Backup system



How Long Does this Take?

The amount of time required to complete these tasks can vary greatly.  It all depends how many devices you use and what steps you’ve already taken to be more secure.  On average, it takes about 1 - 4 hours to complete everything (if I do it for/with you).  If your goal is for me to teach you what and how to do it yourself, the appointment is around 1.5 hours plus many hours/days on your own.  You may, of course, choose to exclude any service listed above.  Many of these tasks can be done over time based on importance.  (Please note that the password organization may take a bit more time on your part.)


How Much Do the Purchases Cost?

The internet security suites range from $40-$80/year depending on number of devices to be covered and the number of users.  The VPN services range from $36-$50/year.  Password managers range from free to $48/year.  Cloud services range from $7-$10/month.  Hard drives range between $80-$120.  Again, you may choose to exclude any service.


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How secure is your computer?

How safe is your private information?

It's time for a Security & Privacy checkup.

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