guest speaking

Thank you for considering me as the guest speaker at one of your upcoming meetings.

The Presentation
The presentations are intended to be introductory overviews rather than in-depth trainings. All programs have been designed for 4Cs member clubs. I try to include content that will appeal to a wide range of skill levels.

Presentation Topics
-Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Photography
-Depth of Field & the Hyperfocal distance
-Understanding the Importance of Intention
-Evaluating and Critiquing Photos
-Understanding Exposure & how it relates to DOF & Motion
-Cropping, Composition & Clean Up
-HDR & Focus Stacking
-Panorama Stitching & Setting the Nodal Point
-Lightroom - Getting Started
-Lightroom - Advanced Editing Workflow
-Lightroom - Organizing and Keywording
-Lightroom - Local Adjustment Tools
-Lightroom - Publishing Services & Smart collections
-Lightroom - Understanding Color and Tone
-Lightroom - Organizing and Keywording
-Lightroom - Camera Calibration & Profiling using the X-Rite Passport
-Photoshop - An Intro to Layers, Masks & Compositing
-Photoshop - An Intro to Selections
-Photoshop - An Intro to Object Removal
-Photoshop - Advanced Object Removal
You may also custom design a presentation topic to fit the club’s needs.

I prefer a 1.5 - 2 hour block of time for the presentation to facilitate introductions, content and questions. Often times the evening goes longer than expected. Please let me know if there is a definitive cutoff time. I bring a laptop and all software needed for the presentation. I have a projector, but no screen, though I do prefer to use the clubs projector if possible. A large TV is also good.

Promoting My Business
I do ask as well, that I be able to promote my books, workshops and lessons.

The fee is based on a sliding scale from $0 to whatever the club feels appropriate. For clubs that are required to pay speakers, your standard rate is fine.

For More information
541-552-9579 phone/text/voice mail