David's Online Photography Tests

Take a photography test? Why in the world would anyone want to do that? Well, here are some reasons why photographers take these tests.

-Self-evaluation along the learning process.
-To help discover what you still need to learn.
-Personal saticfaction of knowing "where I am."
-Comparitive rivalry to peers.

-Teachers testing students.
-Student placement pre-testing.

-Trainers pre-testing new clients.
-Training certification.

-Evaluating a club's educational needs.
-Establishing & elevating club standards.
-Fellow rivalry.

-Employers testing employees and job applicants.
-Employee self-evaluation prior to interviewing.

What About You?
-How do you compare to where you want to be?
-Do you know as much as you think you do?
-How do you compare to others?
-Curious yet?
-It's time to find out.



In the future there will be three tests you can take.
The Quiz
A short 30 question multiple choice quiz to give you a rough idea of where you're at. Cost: $1.

The Test
A 163 question multiple choice test that produces a much better evaluation of your skills. Scores are immediately emailed to you at the completion of the test. Cost: $5.

The Exam
A 170 question version of the Test, but in essay exam form (not multiple choice) that truly demonstrates your understanding of the core foundations of photography. Your entire test is read by David and each question is graded objectively and comments are given. Certification document is available upon successful completion. Cost: $49.

So, what do the tests cover?
The questions are specific to the core foundations and fundamentals of photography and effective camera use. Therefore, there are no questions on specific genres of photography like landscapes, sports, portraits, etc. There are no questions on lighting, composition, critiquing, the "rules" or anything that could be viewed as subjective. There are no questions on Photoshop, Lightroom or any other software. The topic areas include aperture, shutter speed, sensitivity, color, motion, depth of field, exposure, light, filters and some general questions. There are no "trick" questions. This is not a physics test, but basic math skills are required.

Please note that these tests cannot and do not determine whether you are a "good or bad" photographer. They only reveal your understanding of general photography and related terms.

Why will there be a fee to take the test?
Well, a lot of work and time has gone into developing and maintaining the tests. In addition, the amazing online testing service being used charges for each test taken.

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